Choosing a coffee machine to suit your business

Many people think the water cooler is the big meeting place for co-workers, but most people can`t get the day started without that first cup of Joe. The coffee machine is as much a part of office and caff culture as the printer, doughnuts and copy machine, but you need to choose the right one for you.

There are many different types and each one is really designed for a specific office structure, so choose wisely. Caffs can lease many of these types of machines to offices along with a maintenance plan.

The easiest route is the coffee machine. Many offices have this large scale coffee maker that dispenses a variety of coffees for a fee. This is ideal for a large office because there is no maintenance, no clean-up and everything is automated. A technician comes every so often to refill the coffees and cups, so it`s a no fuss alternative. The main downside is that it costs money for the employee. Many employees see coffee as a company perk and don`t like the idea of paying for it.

Espresso/ cappuccino machines are the Cadillac of coffee machines. These are expensive and usually only available at higher end offices or cafes. If you have a cappuccino machine, you likely also have an employee that specifically runs it. These are difficult to work and expensive, so you don`t want just anyone using it. This may also be a perk of larger offices that have a contracted food service company. These are most commonly purchased by caff owners and food service agencies.

Large professional coffee makers like you might see in a restaurant or caff are also usually used by large offices with many employees. These are industrial and designed to take a beating and used to being on and working all day and possibly even at night. You`ll need an employee that steps up and makes the coffee in the morning. This requires responsibility on the part of the employees, but it`s often a common occurrence in the office. Cafes with a large scale clientele or ones that are open 24-hours need a professional coffee maker. If you have a lot of employees that drink coffee throughout the day and night, you`ll want one of these large coffee makers. It`s ideal for businesses that operate multiple shifts or have a large number of employees. You`ll also need someone to occasionally clean the machine as well.

The smaller residential style coffee maker isn`t designed for hours and hours of long use. If it is used for long periods over time, it is likely to break. The containers are often made of glass instead of metal, like the larger professional coffee machines and prone to breaking. Depending on the quality of the machines, these can range from inexpensive to very expensive. They are ideal for mid-sized and small-sized offices that have a steady stream of regular coffee drinkers. Caffs usually shy away from these because of their likelihood of breakage.

The small single cup, personal use coffee makers are commonly used by office workers who enjoy more expensive coffees or are the only coffee drinkers in the office. They are usually purchased by the employee and placed on or near their work area.

Coffee is one of those perks that people have come to expect from an office environment, along with refrigerators, microwaves and ovens such as the Rangemaster Classic Deluxe. Cafes should stick with the larger models and types as those are most suited for them.

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